About Company


As a beginner in Hospitality industry, primarily we are aiming Excellence in Hospitality services in order to achieve 100% guest satisfaction. We would like to create affordable luxury concept hotels with 500 rooms in a coastal corridor of Andhra Pradesh in the coming five years.


Our mission is to provide affordable luxury service to our guests with 100% impeccable maintenance, 100% hygienic food, and a pleasant stay in our hotel.

Core Values

• Athidhi Devobhava!!

Our main priority is to our beloved guests. We are very dedicated to welcome them and to serve with best hospitality . Looking to give the best moment to our guests at Lotus Park and we believe that would make them to visit us again.

• Expressive House keeping and Room service

Our goal is to close the house keeping and room service calls in 10-15 min, 15-20 min respectively without effecting the quality of the service, taste and hyginene of the food

• 100% guest smilies

Lotus Park is very flexible to all our guests regarding their needs. We want their smiles at our visit. And we are very reasonable in cost with the comfortable facilities.

• 100% employee smilies

Each and every employee is important for company. We care employees as much as our guest because they are the success stone of any hospitality industry.